Provigil 100 mg


Provigil 100 mg medicine is used for excessive sleeping caused by narcolepsy and shift work. Provigil is A class medicine. Provigil is a very excellent medicine for sleeping disorders of all time.


Identification- Provigil 100 mg

Strength- 100mg

Color- white  

Shape- Capsule-shape

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The generic name of the Provigil 100 mg is Modafinil it cures sleep disorders. It is also used to help you stay awake during work hours then it should not be used to treat tiredness. It works by affecting certain substances in the mind that control the sleep/wake cycle. Before taking Modafinil 100 mg always 1st consult with a Doctor or medical professionals.

Side Effect Provigil(Modafinil) 100 mg

Headache, nausea, nervousness, dizziness, or difficulty in sleeping may occur. Contact your doctor if you have any serious side effects like fast/irregular heartbeat, mental/mood changes (such as confusion, depression, hallucinations, rare thoughts of suicide). If you encounter any kind of symptoms from these or any other after taking Provigil 100 mg or Modafinil 100 mg, then immediately consult with a doctor and medical professionals.

How long does Provigil 100 Mg last?

The half-life of Modafinil ranges between ten and 12 hours for most patients but can last up to 15 hours for some. There are some factors which Influence that how long Modafinil stays in your system, poor kidney, and malfunction of the liver can slow the metabolism of Modafinil and increase the duration of its effects.

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