We keep a keen eye on all our packaged good. We know that if the primary packaging fails to do its work then it will be life-threatening for those patients who may consume the product after being prescribed by medical personnel like doctors.

In the warehouse of after the primary packaging is done, the pharmaceutical products are then ready for the next step of packaging which is simply referred to as secondary packaging. Basically, the secondary packaging is just another layer of packaging.

Lastly comes tertiary packaging which is most important for shipping and transportation purposes.


Additional weight-based delivery charges for selected Non-Prescription products are specified on the product/Medicine pages, and these charges will also be displayed right below the respective products/Medicines on the Shopping Cart page during checkout.    

  • Orders with a value of less than 10$ would incur a shipping fee of Rs. 1$
  • FREE DELIVERY on orders of 10$ or more for medicines.

COD Charges Policy

  • COD orders are not charged an additional fee for any order value.
  • COD fees are in addition to standard delivery fees.
  • The COD payment method accepts only dollars.
  • Payment by credit/debit card, DD, check, or any other method is NOT accepted for COD payments.
  • A COD transaction can be used to order any item.
  • The COD option is only available in a few locations.

Estimated Delivery time

For online payments, order confirmation occurs once payment authorization and verification are obtained. When you pay by check or money order, your order is confirmed once our customer service representative verifies your order and shipping address. Order confirmation occurs for other Offline payments once the payment is cleared.

We will inform you once the order has been confirmed and when the items have been shipped, as well as provide an update on the estimated delivery time.

We make every effort to ship each item in your order within 4 working days of receiving it. However, in some cases, it may take up to 7 working days to ship the order because we may need to obtain it from another store or our suppliers. In the unlikely situation that we are unable to ship your order completely within 7 days of the order, we will cancel the remaining unshipped portion of the order and notify you via email. In such cases, your payment for the unshipped portion of the order will be refunded in the same manner in which you made the payment.

Cancellations by the Customer

In case we receive a cancellation notice The orders that have already been shipped out by our end will not be canceled and you will have to check our return policy on those orders.